Tony Black 44 min

Stepping into Customers' Shoes for Service Success: In conversation with Tony Black

In this episode of Aftermarket Champions podcast, titled as "Stepping into Customers' Shoes for Service Success," our host, Vivek Joshi, chats with Tony Black, President of Service at Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leader in injection molding technology. Tony's diverse career path, starting with his education in marine engineering, to starting his career in aerospace to a business degree and a 30-year tenure at United Technologies, led him to Husky in 2020. He began as a service mechanic and progressed to service sales and installation build operations, shaping his customer-centric approach. He stresses the enduring value of strong customer relationships and delivering on promises. Tony also addresses industry challenges, particularly the shortage of skilled employees. Husky's response to this challenge is Advantage+Elite, a connected solution that gives analytics and dashboards to its customers about their equipment. They also have established a process of having dedicated customer success managers for each service contract. The solution also provides insights that give a comprehensive understanding of product creation, adding significant value for the customer. While sharing his learnings from his long tenure at OTIS, he emphasized on the importance of the on-ground service technicians. Technology and people will have to go hand in hand to bring about successful transformation. Tony also explained what being “Global” really means. Listen to the full podcast to know what it really means. Tony's advice: Put yourself in the customer's shoes, feel what they feel, and understand their perspective. This episode is essential for those seeking success through a customer-centric approach in the service industry.


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