Amit Bhargava 36 min

How Aftermarket can be the key to a Profitable Exit: Conversation with Amit Bhargava

Meet Amit Bhargava, a seasoned Senior Strategy and M&A Executive. He has extensive experience working in industrial manufacturers, and most recently, he served as the VP of Strategy Business Development at Howden. Notably, he played a key role in the $4.4 billion KPS Exit from Howden in November 2022. He is now a Strategic Advisor role at Aggreko Amit's career path is fascinating. He started in engineering R&D, pursued an MBA, and later worked in consulting at McKinsey. His journey eventually led him to the world of Venture Capital and startups, specializing in strategy and M&A, which ultimately brought him to Howden, a Private Equity-backed organization, in 2020. In this conversation, Amit will walk us through Howden's transformation across its three main pillars: People, Process, and Technology. Our discussion centers on Howden's transformation, particularly its Aftermarket Business. Amit emphasizes their early recognition of stable and recurring revenue potential in this sector. They then focused on recruiting the right talent, establishing the right processes, and leveraging the right data insights. Amit highlights the importance of motivated leadership and clear top-down communication in the success of Howden's Aftermarket business. In addressing the challenges they faced, Amit provides an example of a spare parts pricing tool, illustrating how its efficiency suffered due to limited usage by frontline users. This underscores the importance of technology adoption and motivation at all levels of the organization. Amit points out that establishing measurable KPIs and transparent measurement and reporting processes was fundamental to the Aftermarket transformation journey. Amit passionately believes that educating organizations about the true potential of Aftermarket business in the Industrial sector and its impact on financial cash flows will be a game-changer. Listen to the full conversation to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of Aftermarket business, especially in the context of Private Equity-led enterprises.


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