Jason Wright 40 min

Playbook for Aftermarket Transformation: Conversation with Jason Wright

In this fourth episode of the Aftermarket Champions podcast, we have Jason Wright, Vice President and General Manager for the Aftermarket Business Unit for Gilbarco Veeder Root (a Vontier Operating Company). Jason credits his success to his unique career path which started in the ERP Domain as a Quality Assurance Tester, to financial services, moved to the US as a Programme Manager at Gilbarco, and grew within the organization to his current role. “How does the machine work?” Getting to learn this early on in his career (ERP days) is what Jason believes helped him bring a novel perspective to all his roles and succeed at them. Being Super Iterative, Super Experimenting and continuously learning from your mistakes, goes a long way for an Aftermarket leader to be successful. Jason emphasizes creating systems and processes around any new opportunities so that they become independent of any one individual Similar to other Aftermarket leaders who have come on this Podcast, Jason reiterates the values like being customer-centric, adding value to the customer’s work, and acquiring “Shelf Space”. Finally, when asked about the role of Luck in his career, He says, that luck may play a role in getting you the opportunity, but it's the Hard Work that will help you keep it and be successful. He shares one of the biggest insights from the “Voice of the Customer” initiative he took at Gilbarco, which made the organization relook at its Aftermarket strategy and transform it completely. What is the insight? To find out, you will have to listen to the Podcast.


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