Chris Sandiford 35 min

Evaluating Aftermarket Performance: Conversation with Chris Sandiford

In the third episode of Aftermarket Champions, our host Vivek Joshi has a chat with Chris Sandiford, who is the President of Heating and Refrigeration Technology at GEA Systems North America, LLC. Chris has a fascinating career story – he started in Engineering, moved to Sales, and then found his way to Services. He learned a lot along the way, and his experiences can be super helpful for people who want to lead the charge in Aftermarket Growth. Chris really hammers home the idea that customer experience focussed mindset, commercial thinking, increasing customer touchpoint frequency, and performance-driven approach are the tools to succeed in the Industrial Aftermarket / Services sector. Chris shares how looking for a solution to a customer's problem instead of just focusing on selling helped him grow in his career. One of the pivotal learnings Chris shares is that we should stop thinking of Services as just fixing things when they break. Instead, it's about driving customer experience which in long run will result in customer loyalty and repeat sales. For folks who want to make it big in the Aftermarket world, Chris has some golden advice: Remember that Aftermarket is like a safety net when the market gets shaky. They should be focussed on the product as well as customer needs. The goal is to help customers optimize their own businesses by offering a wider range of services. So, what's the secret sauce for a successful Aftermarket team? According to Chris, it's having leaders who care a lot about customers and the future, using data to make smart choices, and always being open to innovate. This episode is like a guidebook for future leaders who want to lead the charge in making Aftermarket services bigger and better in the Industrial world.


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