Bella Abram 32 min

Driving Growth: Bella Abram's Aftermarket Odyssey

In this episode of Aftermarket Champions, Vivek Joshi, the host of the podcast, engages in a discussion with Bella Abram from Baker Hughes Bently Nevada. Bella shares her career journey, from starting as an electrical engineer in Brazil to her current role as a Growth Sales Manager in Europe. In this insightful conversation, Vivek and Bella explore Bella's transition from sales to service and back to sales, emphasizing the importance of data-driven insights in aftermarket success. They discuss how Bella's leadership has revamped the install-based growth strategy at Baker Hughes, using tools like Entytle to drive global campaigns and inform strategic decisions. Follow Bella's journey from product development to leading sales initiatives across Europe, driven by her dedication to innovation and progress. Through candid anecdotes and reflections, Bella provides actionable strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of aftermarket sales and service. Tune in to know Bella's secrets to success and maximize your aftermarket journey.


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