Carla Wynter 27 min

Charting Success: Carla Wynter's Aftermarket Insights

Welcome back to the first episode of season 2 of the Aftermarket Champions Podcast, hosted by Vivek Joshi, CEO of Entytle! We're thrilled to have Carla Wynter, the VP of Global Parts and Services at Johnson Controls, join us for an engaging conversation. Carla shares her remarkable journey through the world of logistics, manufacturing, and technical services. As Carla reflects on her career, she unveils a tapestry of experiences, from her days at FedEx to her pivotal roles at Webvan, GE, and now Johnson Controls. Each chapter reveals insights into managing diverse teams and driving aftermarket success. Throughout our discussion, Carla underscores the importance of people-centered leadership and the transformative power of technology in shaping customer experiences. With anecdotes from her tenure at leading organizations, Carla paints a vivid picture of the evolving landscape of aftermarket services. Listeners will uncover valuable lessons on organizational maturity, from reactive approaches to predictive and proactive strategies. Carla dives into the nuances of assessing capabilities and aligning with industry standards for sustained growth. But it doesn't stop there. Carla generously shares her wisdom, offering practical advice for aspiring leaders in the aftermarket and service sectors. From the art of networking to the essence of team dynamics, Carla's words resonate as a guiding light in a dynamic industry. Join us as we embark on a journey with Carla Wynter, exploring the road to aftermarket excellence and uncovering invaluable insights along the way.


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