Prateek Chakravarty 42 min

Revolutionizing Field Services: A CEO's Journey

In this podcast episode, Vivek hosts Prateek Chakravarty, CEO of Zinier, a field services management software company. Prateek shares his journey from being a field service engineer in the oil and gas industry to leading Zinier. The conversation delves into Pratik's background, the challenges faced in field service roles, and the evolution of the field service industry. Prateek's narrative takes a significant turn as we delve into his experiences in the field, notably during his stint in Siberia—an area renowned for its challenging conditions. These pivotal experiences profoundly impacted Prateek's mindset, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of field service roles. His time in utilities further enriched his perspective, providing firsthand knowledge of the intricacies involved in managing diverse assets and addressing unique challenges within the energy sector. Prateek emphasizes the need to bring innovation to the field and make blue-collar jobs attractive again. Zinier's platform focuses on field service automation, catering to companies with distributed assets and workforces. The flexibility of their platform allows for customizable workflows and efficient scheduling, addressing the common challenges across industries. The discussion explores Zinier's role in empowering the field workforce and bridging the technology gap. Prateek highlights the importance of adapting to changing business scenarios and the company's consultative approach in working with clients from various sectors, including telecom, energy, and manufacturing. As the conversation shifts to the manufacturing sector, Prateek discusses the concept of servitization and its impact on optimizing workforce management. The podcast concludes with insights into the evolving landscape of customer relationships, where a proactive and consultative approach is key, especially with the generational shift in leadership.


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